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Ursula have been passionately pursuing since 2009 ascension, self mastery, and esoteric studies program, and have made it her life long purpose. While pursuing her esoteric studies along with her full time work, she has learned  to embrace spirituality as an integral part of her life, creating a powerful and transformative experience. She brings this versatile awareness to her spiritual mentoring sessions.

Ursula is a spiritual teacher and a funding member of Spiritual Bliss NYC and provides the following life services.

  • Spiritual Teaching and Mentoring
  • Healing Meditations/Guidance
  • Bardo (Help with Life Passing)
  • Reiki & Energy Healing
  • Reiki & Energy Healing for Pets
  • Chakras Balancing With Crystals
  • Spiritual Prayer Requests

Ursula participated for four years as an active minister, church services manager, and served as a Treasurer on the Board of the Spiritualist Church of NYC.  She is also a certified Reiki Master, and an Intuitive Consultant. Ursula is a member of the Theosophical Society in America, Spiritual Bliss NYC, and Gaiaville LLC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a sustainable spiritual living. Ursula has a degree in Economics and has spent her career working in Information Technology/Finance.

Reiki Healing

We are deeply committed to sharing our passion for health and well-being with others. With our empathetic and supportive approach, we have helped many people connect with their spiritual life, reach a heightened state of well-being as well as rejuvenate and stimulate their energy levels.

Ursula is a Certified Reiki Master in accordance with the Usui Reiki tradition from the Art of Energy Healing School, accredited by the International Association of Reiki Professionals.  Ursula has also studied other holistic energy healing modalities such as the Yuen Method of Chinese energetic medicine and Matrix Energetics.  She is an active participant in the Metatron, Merkaba, Master Teachers Sacred Teachings and Energetic Activations, as well as an intensive continuing healing program from the Art of Energetic Healing School.

Ursula believes in treating the body as a whole – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually while focusing on the root cause of symptoms and resolving them holistically.
With each session, a connection is made with the energy from the Highest Divine Guidance, Healing Angels and Archangels, Pleiadian Master Teachers, and the Ascended Masters, and this divine energy is channelled through the healer’s energetic body to the person receiving the healing.
Each session will help you understand the energies and direct you on the path to self empowerment.


Life Passing

Ursula is available to assist in Bardo, which is a process of helping individuals with passing from this life to the next reality.
It is an intelligent and nonsectarian process aimed at creating an atmosphere of peace, and is one of the best possible arrangements to allow for connection with God, Prime Creator or Source as One. Bardo is the most important act to perform at the end of one’s life. This process can be used in conjunction with any spiritual or religious ritual.


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More Of Our Services

  1. Reiki
    Reiki for Pets Reiki is an excellent healing tool for your pets. Animals do not have reservations, mental or emotional, therefore they assimilate the healing energy extremely well and quickly. The healing results can be immediate or comparatively faster in case of a surgery or a past physical trauma. Reiki and energy healing for pets is available to help prevent illnesses or to accelerate healing in almost any condition. The healing is provided in addition to any existing medical treatment or prescriptions*. ♥Excellent for adopted pets or travel to heal the emotional and psychological traumas from being in a shelter or separation.♥
  2. Chakras
    Chakra Balancing
  3. Energy Bodies
    Energy Bodies
    Healing with Crystals
  4. Life Couching
    Life Couching
    Life couching
  5. Spiritual Guidance
    Spiritual Guidance
    Spiritual Guidance
  6. Safety & Empowerment
    Safety & Empowerment