Spiritual BlissNYC 

Through the use of various life services, spiritual mentoring, Reiki and energy healings, intuitive consultations, transformational workshops, etc., Spiritual Bliss NYC can help you remove limiting beliefs, connect with the divine teacher within, and encourage you to be the fullest expression of who you are, which is your Divine Self!

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What We Do

Spiritual Mentoring

Reiki & Energy Healing

Bardo - Life Passing

Compassionate yet practical is our approach to spiritual mentoring. We believe that everyone needs spiritual mentoring. We are spiritual beings in physical bodies. Discover your truth!
If you find yourself or someone you know closer to finalizing this life's journey consider incorporating Bardo to your process - reconcile and make peace so you can successfully transition to your highest light! Ask for more information!
Energy healing is for everyone. We are energetic beings and we need energetic support as much as we need physical support. Discover yours! 

Spiritual Center Development Project in the Catskills Mountains 

The Wisdom Council

The project is under development in NYC. Join our group on Facebook to find out more. 
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Life is a spiritual journey.
Discover yours!