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Toward an Ascended Tomorrow: Predictions 2019
The Galactic Regent Council, Channeled by Pierre Dubois

From the creative and light center of the Milky Way Galaxy, we come to you to share a message of hope, truth, transparency, and authenticity. We are the Galactic Regent Council, a collective of 12 Galactic Elders who compose the governance of the Milky Way. As the earth continues to crest above the thickness of this flat, spiral galaxy, we have our gaze fixed on the earth with the hope for a major transformation and transmutation of the earth into an ascended planet.
Soon you will be crossing the Galactic Equator with a frequency of truth, authenticity, and transparency. This vibration has the effect of precipitating all that is hidden into visibility. As such, all institutional, governmental, scientific, personal, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and cosmic secrets will be revealed. This is already evident by the numerous revelations and disclosures of long-held political and personal secrets of planetary leaders and governmental bodies. Many are also wielding from the breaking down of their own blind spots, exposing the lies and self-receipts that have been holding them back from evolutionary change and transformation.
This is not always a smooth process; rather it is often a turbulent experience for man will go to absurd and ridiculous lengths to hide from his own truth and soul. However, this Light from the Galactic Equator will align everything on the planet to truth and authenticity. Institutions, individuals, and collectives that are not prepared and ready to move into that space will be moved into a parallel reality that matches their current divergent vibration so that they can find the time to grow and evolve. In the meanwhile, those who are ready will become the inhabitants of the future and ascended earth.
We have been advising about this energy for the past five years, but today we want to explain to you that the ideological fragmentation that you are calling “tribalism” is nothing more than the manifestation and precipitation of multiple realities that are occupying the same space. This is going to get worse, for loved ones, family members, friends, and neighbors will make choices as to what future and parallel reality they will go into by espousing their path and ideology. Do not waste your time trying to convince them of the merit of your choice. This is not a debate. Rather it is a visceral and vibrational response to an existing and internal core frequency. It is the matching of patterns and vibrations. Like will attract like. Moreover, the almost 8 billion people on earth will not all go into the same future. You are individually making choices as to where you want to go by either addressing or not addressing your shadow, internal lies and deceits, and all repressed and suppressed issues that are buried in the sub-conscious mind. The degree that you are doing this vital and important work will determine where you go.
In the next six months, the separation will become so sharp that many holding similar ideas will move closer to each other to find strength and safety in numbers. This is because the intolerance of many will precipitate physical altercations and battles against others with different beliefs and ideologies. By the end of next year, there will exist multiple geographical pockets of beings holding similar points of view. This will eventually lead into a break and schism of national unity. States and counties will break apart. At this current rate, in a matter of three years many counties will cease to exist while others will be born.
The main reason for this is that mixed in with the Light of the Galactic Equator is the 7th Ray of God, which is about “Ceremonial Magic, Transformation, and Spiritual Idealism.” Only this energy is capable of ushering in the New Age by seeding the fervor of spiritual idealism for a better tomorrow, causing a dramatic 180º change in many. However, the negative polarities of this are intolerance for the views of others, orthodoxy, fundamentalism, and adherence to the letter of the law, rather than the spirit.
In the meantime, the damage done to the environment due to corporate greed and poor planetary leadership will cause more earthquakes, wild fires, mudslides, droughts, floods, hurricanes, and typhoons. It would appear that the forces of nature are rising against you, but it is not personal. Mother nature is not angry with you. The forces of nature are trying to re- balance the equilibrium and interdependent relationship that has maintained life on earth for millions of years.
Additionally, prehistoric pathogens that were buried in the depths of the earth will re-surface due to the atmospheric and geological recalibrations, triggering the potential of a human die- offs to occur. Keep in mind that you are immortal souls having a human experience. Death is an illusion. In this instance, it is the transition into parallel realities.
Due to the costs associated with natural disasters and the breaking down or rearrangement of national boundaries, the world financial market will plunge into crisis. The debts taken by certain countries that will no longer be in existence will not be repaid. This will throw world finances in total disarray. Currencies, money, and the debt-driven global economy will have no meaning.
Yet hope remains that in the midst of this apparent chaos you will find your way into the ascended tomorrow for you are to play the critical role as a pillar and founding member of this future. Here are some suggestions and strategies for you to thrive and remain focused in these turbulent transitional times.
Surrender your fears into God: Cultivate your relationship with your God, Higher Self, or Creative Principle. Many intuitives and psychics do not have a relationship with a higher power or God concept. However, in these times, you will need to evolve a personal and intimate relationship with the God of your Heart and Understanding. These frightening and scary scenarios will trigger fear in many. Praying and taking these fears into God and surrendering the negativity and disempowerment is the key to remaining centered and finding peace and serenity.
Be neutral: The less polarized and emotionally charged that you can become, the closer you will be to finding the future earth. Understand that neutrality is not a disconnect from the injustices of the world; rather it is accelerated conflict resolution. You have preferences as to how things should go, but no attachments to outcomes. In the event that things do not occur as you wanted, you do not fall apart. You remain aligned to your God and ask for the solution set to help you overcome. Re-adjust, and let a creative solution precipitate the change and transformation that you are seeking.
Live a sustainable life: Make sure that your life and physical environment are sustainable. Keeping in mind the interdependence that connects everything, change your habits, behavior, life, and physical environment into a sustainable existence. Live in a green, earthquake proof, fireproof, windproof, and resilient environment. Make sure that your power generation and food production systems are also sustainable and resilient so that they can remain functional no matter what the outside circumstances may be.
Be agile: You have to be ready to move on a moment’s notice. Having physical, emotional, and spiritual agility is the key to surviving and thriving in this quickly changing and mutating environment. The more attachments you have to people, places, and things, the more difficult it will be for you to move fast as directed by your guidance in order to avoid potential disaster. Here are some tips for you to follow: you have to be lite, have few attachments, listen, believe, and obey.
Find your community: No one can survive these changes alone. You have to find the other individuals who, like you, are aligned to the same frequency. You will need to gather in communities that will create a safe zone for you to thrive. Moreover, the changes are too drastic for the resources of a lone wolf to handle. You will need the support of your tribe to help as you also support and help them.
The shift into parallel realities: Right now, multiple parallel realities are occupying the same space and are seeking souls and matching the dominant vibration of beings to generate a vortex that will create a wave function collapse that will lead to a shift into a parallel dimension. But before this happens, these competing realities will physically separate into tribal, geographical, and ideological camps and regions.
Fear not, my child, for if the above resonates or makes sense to you, you have a critical role to play in this transition. Follow carefully the guidance provided and seek the neutral path. In this turbulence, you are called to be the herald and peacemaker who will become the center of a centrifuge that will lead many who are afraid and lost into the ascended tomorrow. But you cannot share or teach what you do not know. Seek the peace and serenity within through the guidance provided and share GENTLY and KINDLY with the world what you know.
We are the Galactic Regent Council, your Elders in the center of this galaxy. Thank you for reading this and for the opportunity to share what we are permitted to reveal to you at this time. We hope that you will step up to the challenge and help usher the seventh great shift and harvest in this galactic year.
May you be blessed and loved always. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We believe in you and are grounding in you our collective galactic support and deepest love.

The Quickening: 2017 and Beyond
Channeled by Pierre R. Dubois

The year 2016 is ending, and many are wishing it a quick exit for 2016 has been brutal. Many of you have faced great challenges: some physical, emotional, psychological, mental, spiritual, political, and financial. But 2017 and beyond may not be smooth sailing. I have been sitting on this information for the past week and a half, trying to figure out a way to say this without sounding like I am spreading fear. As a seer, I wish that I had better news. The next ten years are looking chaotic and highly unstable.
For the past four years my guides, The Galactic Regent Council, have been saying that the future of the earth is undecided. Moreover, that there are multiple potential futures that are battling for control and dominance while occupying the same space. They have even stated that the leaders of political groups or ideologies are the champions for these various futures who are recruiting souls in the hope of achieving the critical mass needed to entrain the planet. But so far, no potential future has reached this threshold. I did not fully understand what was meant when I channeled the information, but now things are clearer.
Due to this rapid exchange between potential future realities, what used to work and be satisfactory or meaningful will become irrelevant in no time. What was true and relevant about your identity, business, spiritual practice, or reason for living may change at a moment’s notice. The best analogy to explain this is to think of a liquid that is boiling. At any point there are multiple bubbles popping on the surface. Once one bubble pops another one may rise in the same location. The process will be repeated as long as heat is being applied. Each bubble is a potential for a future reality. Now since we are moving into new realities, your relevance in the old paradigm will become devoid of meaning. So you now have to find relevance in the emerging reality. However, do not get too comfortable for that may also disappear in few months.
For us to transition into the future earth, we have to move to a series of rapid changes. As far as I can see, this process, referred to by the Galactic Regent Council as the “quickening,” will continue for the next ten years. What happens beyond that point is not yet visible to me. So the most important thing that any of us can do right to support this rapid transition is to look into our subconscious minds for the blind spots while demolishing our inner constructs of self-deceit. If we become too attached to the existing relationships, identities, and personas that we have created, we are going to experience pain and suffering as existing paradigms are faded away. On the other hand, if we are willing to do the inner, or shadow, work that will reveal to us the fundamental flaws in our belief system, we will grow exponentially. This is an incredible gift of accelerated elevation of consciousness that everyone on the planet has access to right now. What a powerful moment for us to be incarnated, for if we do the work, many of us will rise as ascended leaders, founding masters, and grounding rods for the future earth.
Some of you may have noticed that a schism has happened, as many tend to relate and interact only with individuals who share their same values. While right next door others with different value systems exist in their own bubbles. Each one will attempt to gather recruits so that dominance and control can be achieved.
On a personal level this past year was riddled with challenges for me, which turned into incredible gifts and opportunities for growth and elevations of consciousness. I have received multiple upgrades on my initiation levels in past 13 months due to my dedication and steadfastness to my inner work. I have intended, and still intend, to transform my inner “lead” into “gold.” As a result of this, I know myself in such intimate ways, and I own every step in that rise.
Now since the quickening is being orchestrated Deus ex machina, you might as well use this time frame for what it was designed for. The individuals who have suffered are holding on to old constructs or are not willing to deconstruct the existing paradigm of self-deceit. Holding on to the old and outdated will only bring pain and suffering. I invite you to yield and go into the recess of your subconscious mind and reprogram your blind spots into light. It is within your feared darkness that the key to your elevation exists. It is much easier to learn by grace than it is to learn by karma. In fact, this is what you signed up for. The time for this work is overdue. You have to step up to the plate and become the God/ Goddess that you are.

A Call to Action
Lord Melchior
Channeled by Pierre R. Dubois

From point of Infinity in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, I greet you, dear ones. I am Melchior, the Logos that animates your quadrant of the Galaxy. We of the Galactic Core have been waiting 31 million of your years for the event that is about to happen: the crossing of your world through the galactic equator. This moment in time will precipitate into reality the future that you dear ones will have envisioned and intended. As it stands today, many groups of lightwokers have different, and at times contrary, opinions as to what that future is. Out of all this confusion will precipitate one consensus that will eventually manifest a very specific future when the galactic equator crossing occurs.
Understand that the canvas is blank. Let not any past prophecies limit your intention, imagination, or desire. You are the creators and makers of that future. Do not clip your wings. By the end of this year, your choice and action will have refined this selection process. It will begin by you making your intentions known to God. This year is about you taking actions and making changes in your daily life to follow an authentic path.
Choosing an authentic life will initiate a chain reaction that will tell the Solar and Galactic forces that you are ready for higher frequencies to cascade to earth. Take small actions on a daily basis to move toward that future, and the external and Galactic forces will meet you half way. Good intentions are not enough. Excuses and rationalizations as to why you are not doing God’s business are not a waiver from your responsibilities. You have to act and begin to manifest the future that you envision now. In this instance, timing is everything.
Taking action before the year ends will begin to collapse a fulcrum that will lead into that future. We of the Galactic Core have set up the external and energetic condition for this process to occur, but we cannot take action for you. This is your responsibility. Choose wisely.
I am Melchior, your Galactic Logos.

Channeled by Pierre R. Dubois

Hello friends, this is Ursula
on Co-creating with God

As I attend various spiritual gathering and church services, there is something that has come to my attention and I wanted to share it with you. It is not a new idea by any means, however it is important.  In the world of spiritual practice, religion or self-discovery there is the tendency to focus only on God and the fact that we are co-creators with God is not emphasized. On the other side of the spectrum, God may be very impersonal and distant from us.  It is my personal belief that it very important to keep two things in mind: that we are indeed a part of our Prime Creator and our connection with God is very personal and strong (if we choose that connection), and all Grace come from God – and there is also a powerful concept of being a co-creator with God at all times. God wants us to be the creator of our life, world, and self-development.  Keep in mind that both are essential for your spiritual growth.

We are thought to believe that living in the emotional body is good.  Music, TV, and popular culture is structured to make us feel highly emotional, have strong reactions to everything, and to think with our emotions.  Such behavior is not in accordance with our higher purpose and self development.  Living in the emotional body leads to what is called Glamour – “Glamour veils the truth behind the fogs and mists of feeling and emotional reactivity and victim consciousness.  Glamour prevents person from seeing life truly or clearly and from seeing surrounding conditions as they truly are. The emotional type can be swayed by appearances and forgets what the appearances veil.” *.  Glamour is all around us, particularly on TV, in movies and magazines.  We grow up with example of loud and overemphasized emotions acting as role models for behavior and thinking.  Balance and even-mindedness is considered weird and unusual.  This is very unfortunate as it often hides truth, objective solutions and self-awareness.  Emotional people are easier to influence and manipulate as well.  Glamour can take many forms and it is usually difficult to see in yourself.  Some example of Glamour are the glamour of personal magnetism, the glamour of physical strength, the glamour of isolation, of aloneness, of aloofness, the glamour of self-sacrifice, the glamour of unselfishness, the glamour of selfish service, the glamour of emotional response, the glamour of sentimentality, etc. (see the Completed Ascension Manual below for a complete list and decryption).  Glamour can also be related to our family life and the “desired life” of family, as well as the national and glamour of the human race. *
The remedy for Glamour is Illumination.  Straight thinking, objectivity and emotional balance  does not isolate from world affairs, but rather puts them in the right perspective.
In Djwhal Khul’s classic book, Glamour, A World Problem, by Alice A. Bailey**, he divided the levels of delusion into three categories: Glamour on the emotional plane, Illusion on the mental plane, and Maya on the etheric plane.  All three levels need to be looked at in your personal self-development and mastery.
I encourage you to seek one or both of the books and farther investigate for yourself.
* From the Complete Ascension Manual by Joshua David Stone, Ph.D.
** Glamour, A World Problem, by Alice A. Bailey.

LADY GAIA Channeled by Pierre Dubois

Dear Ones,
The world is changing. In your lifetimes, you will experience a planetary shift into a higher dimension. Nature and the forces of the earth—the air, the sky, the sea, the mountains, the plants, the animals—are co-creating this great and collective transit. They are on track to move into a higher density. However it is you, beautiful expressions of the Divine Light, who are lost in a forest of errors, for as long as you are worshipping greed as your god and putting personal gain and achievements as your priority, you are disconnected from your heart and out of sync with this group effort.
All the forces of nature and all species are interconnected. Within your bodies are an infinite number of microbes, bacteria, and parasites that are symbiotically maintaining your life. You survive and exist because of them as they grow and multiply. You win and they win. To try to control, dominate, and monopolize any of the linked natural and mutually beneficial processes is highly dangerous and disruptive. Yet the vast majority of you have done this, for you are trying to hoard resources in the false belief that whoever has more, wins. The lesson here is that whoever shares more, prospers.
What you have done is to disconnect yourselves from a natural and evolutionary process that took billions of years to achieve. As a result, many of you are in danger of being left behind in a lower density of pain and suffering while the planet moves into a higher, loving, and ascended tomorrow.
It would be a great waste if you did not take this opportunity to self-correct and redirect your life purpose into alignment with the mission that I hold for all species on earth: the possibility for all bio life-forms to ascend back into a light-form. I am not excluding you from this process, but holding these false beliefs is disconnecting you from a cycle of interdependence that is the foundation of planetary ascension.
To avoid this you need to change, but change is never comfortable. No one can move into the ascended tomorrow alone. It is together that we can co-create this beautiful and promised tomorrow.
Join us for the Wesak 2017 Celebration in New York City on May 7th, 2017, and in the Catskill Mountains on May 12th, 13th, and 14th, 2017. Come and receive guidance, activation, and clarity from inspired channels and teachers. Walk out renewed and motivated with action plans leading to the opening of your heart. Learn how to love self and love all expressions of the Divine presence.
I am Lady Gaia, the super-consciousness of everything that is alive on earth. Thank you for this opportunity to share.

Healing the Fractures Within: The Path of Self-Reconciliation
Credit to Pierre Dubois at iammonad.com

In the process of doing inner work you are bound to find past behaviors, attitudes, programs, memories, and belief systems that are contaminated by selfish desires. It is inevitable that you will run into a past episode of darkness from this or previous life times to which you will have to reconcile. Although many in the light community believe they are only made of light and love, it may not be factually true. Dig a little deeper, and you will find the shadow cast by the light. The Universe is 900 billion years old, and in that time frame, we have all wandered off the straight path. We have all traveled in marginal neighborhoods. We have all acted in a reprehensible manner in the name of the light. For example, more people have been killed in the name of God than for any other reason. In this arena, the lesson is that zealotry for the light or dark makes fools and sinners out of us all.
As we move through the quickening, a time of accelerated change, we have to let go of the illusion of perfection. We have to critically and factually look into the recesses of the subconscious mind and find the light and dark that lies therein. This obsession with being prefect stems from an external and projected standard of perfection.Wanting to belong and not be shunned, we suppress and repress all vulnerabilities, weaknesses, fears, differences, and shadows that could be judged and rejected by the accepted norm.
As we move toward the path of return, our imperfections and inner darkness have to be transmuted into light. No one becomes divine by acting out a preconceived notion of light. You have to become fully human, acknowledging the weakness, pain, inadequacies, and shadows. The root of your divinity lies in the self-reconciliation of these human failings. Once these inner fractures are healed, you will know a certainty, strength, and cohesiveness that will reveal your true inner light.
To look into the suppressed and repressed recesses of the subconscious mind requires a specific kind of courage. The average person will not attempt to do this for we are trained to run away from discomfort. Yet this discomfort is your friend. It is trying to communicate and deliver a message for you to uncloak the blind spot that is sabotaging you. As you listen within, you are going to discover untamed and negative desires, behaviors, memories, and shadows. The initial reaction ranges from denial, guilt, self-flagellation, and self-loathing. We may try to rationalize, erase, or eradicate this knowledge, or we may sink into the belief that this past desire or action is our identity. Both of these reactions are unhealthy.
As long as you are in that space, you have an inner fracture. Your psyche is split. But your past behavior is not your identity. It was an emotional reaction that happened due to your level of consciousness and maturity at that time. You are not the same being now. It is nothing more than an aspect of you. For you to self-reconcile, do not attempt to erase the shadow. Rather see this as a learning opportunity. I guide my students struggling with this to talk to the darkness, for if it senses that you are trying to eliminate it, it will battle with you. Trust me, you are not going to win that fight. In the course of your exchange, find the higher wisdom that was hidden in this experience. Every event can be perceived from a lower or higher octave. Find the higher octave, motivation, and wisdom connected to this experience and know that this higher expression is something that you can call upon if ever you need to.
Before you start the conversation with the shadow, you may want to repeat the Ho’ oponopono to self: “Please forgive me. I love you and I let go.” You are asking your higher-self for forgiveness for having been spiritually immature. You have to become neutral to your inner guilt and self-flagellation. Once this is done, your inner conversation with the shadow will be fruitful.
We are ancient and complex beings made of multiple aspects. Your fears and shadows play an important role in the balance of your psyche. Reconcile yourself to your past failings, and heal the inner fractures that are draining the fulfillment of your purpose. You don’t need to destroy and eliminate them; you need to transmute them into a positive and contributing member of your inner team. Knowing the wisdom, lesson, and value of the experiences will do just that.

Credit to Pierre Dubois at iammonad.com

An Invitation to Help Attract Blessings toward Humanity
Channeled by Pierre R. Dubois

Meditation is listening to God. Praying is talking to God. A balanced spiritual practice includes both. Many of you spend several minutes a day in meditation, and that is a good thing. But what about praying? Are you verbalizing your intentions and desires to God?
Yesterday during my meditation, I received a glimpse of two potential futures that are directly connected to the political climate: in one, the President is impeached, and in the other, the country is broken apart with a total and catastrophic loss of global power and influence. Understand that these visions of the future are potentials for manifestation, and none of them needs to happen.
I never reveal these perceptions to the public for I don’t want to insight panic. Since they have not happened, we can change these visions and, better yet, choose an even better future. Through the power of collective prayer we can move this country and the planet into an ascended, loving, equalitarian, and inclusive tomorrow.
I typically write a blog every week that is directly connected to my reading of the planetary ether. For the past five weeks, I have been inspired to write payers. I am now inviting you to join me in creating a prayer circle to ask God for the ascended future that we dream of and a less turbulent passage into the future earth. If we are simply meditating but not praying and asking, God is going to assume that we don’t need any help.
Now, I have been praying for this daily, but it occurred to me that if you all were to join me in prayer, we would create a collective well of intention more powerful than any weapon devised by man. We can attract and create the world that we want at an accelerated rate. As I post these weekly prayers, please join me in saying them with all your heart on a daily basis. Since these prayers are non-denominational, anyone who believes in a higher power can join in.
Please understand that this is not an escape from civic and constitutional responsibility. You should follow the practical 3-D steps that you feel work best for you. There is no reason why you cannot be politically engaged and simultaneously praying. I know that the country is divided; but the vilified political leaders are not the real enemies. They are puppets being manipulated by invisible puppet masters. I am not referring to men, but to Principalities and Powers that have a vested interest in creating fear and chaos. Only the collective power of prayer can bind the true enemy.
If this resonates with you, share it with your friends. Let this go viral.
Lord, give me the serenity to know that I am supported
For you are my foundation, guide, and shepherd
Though, I sail through turbulent waters; I am at rest for you are with me
Navigate me and humanity into peaceful shores
Help me become the grounding rod to help manifest your kingdom
Inspire me to guide humanity into a loving, peace, ascended and tolerant world
For we are all God’s children equally deserving of you gifts, love, and mercy.


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